Points & Rules

An open letter to all of our runners: Thank you for participating in the 2021 Idaho Trail Ultra Series. We know just how great you are, and how amazing the running community in Idaho is…but we REMAIN humbled by the outpouring of support from the runners, volunteers, sponsors, and even the government agencies. The year of 2020 was challenging and due to COVID-19 many races were cancelled.  We are back in 2021.


We will track points for everyone in all ultra distance races. You do not need to sign up for the series or do anything special for your points to be tracked.

Highlights for the 2021 Season

  • To be a series finisher, you must complete FOUR ULTRAS. You do not need to sign up for the series. You run, we track your points.
  • The method by which we calculate points for all events will remain the same as 2019. 

Number of Races Required to Complete the Series

You must complete four of the series ultras to complete the series. Your series score will be the sum of your *4 best ultra scores.* You are encouraged to run more than 4 races, but only your four BEST scores run in ultra distance races (50k or longer, or 31 miles or more in the timed events) will count in the series points standings.

Non-Ultra Races

You MUST complete *4 ultras*  to be a series finisher. We do not calculate points for non-ultra distance races present in many of the events.

How Points are Calculated (for the timed events, see “Points and Bonus Points For Pulse Runs”)

  • Points are based on the race distance and your time compared to the winning time. We divide the winning time by your time and then multiply by the applicable points for that race, as follows:
    50K = 31 points
    60K = 37 points
    50M = 50 points
    100K = 62 points
    108K = 67 points
  • Take an example from the Wild Idaho 50 Mile in 2011. Jeremy Humphrey won in 9:37:21 and Tony Huff finished second in 11:52:18. Jeremy gets 60 points (the full 50 distance points plus 10 points for taking first place). Tony’s points (all finishers from second place on) are calculated this way:Idaho Trail Ultra Series Points Illustration

Bonus Points (for all races except Pulse Endurance Runs)

The top 3 finishers in each race get bonus points as follows: first place, 10 points; second place, 5 points; third place, 3 points. Second and third place points will be calculated based on the above formula BEFORE adding the bonus points.

Bonus points example: In the women’s race at the 2012 Foothills 50k Frenzy, calculated according to 2013 rules, Joelle would get 41 points for winning (31 points for the 50k distance plus 10 bonus points). Brittany would get 32.81 points (Joelle’s 270 minutes divided by Brittany’s 301 minutes times 31 points plus 5 bonus points for taking 2nd place). Lauri would get 30.62 points (the prior calculation plus 3 bonus points for 3rd place).

Points and Bonus Points For Pulse Runs

  • At the Pulse Endurance Runs timed races, you will get .75 point per mile run, with no further calculation. The 100 mile event will start at 75 points for the winner and be calculated on the above formula down from 75 points.
  • If you run *31 miles or more* in ANY of the timed events, your race will be counted as an ultra, and you will get points.

No bonus points will be given for any of the Pulse Endurance Runs events WITH ONE EXCEPTION:

  • 6/12/24/48 Hour & 100 Mile Races: If you win and hit CR mileage or above, you get 10 bonus points; if you run more miles than the previous course record and are the second or third place finisher, you will get the 5 or 3 point bonus, respectively.


ITUS Finisher Awards

  • You will be counted as a series participant and receive a finisher award, regardless of your points standings, if you complete at least 4 ultras of the series events.
  • Idaho 208 Challenge finishers will receive awards at the RONR or Beaverhead finish lines. 50K Vertical Challenge finishers will receive awards at the end of season ITUS party at The Pulse. See all Challenge details here.

Dirty Dozen Awards

  • The Dirty Dozen (top 6 men, top 6 women) with the most points accumulated at the end of the year win prizes from our sponsors.

Awards Party

The Bogus Endurance Runs will be the final races in the series for the year. We will celebrate your accomplishment with a final awards presentment that will be held at a special party (date and location to be announced at the end of the year). Overall prizes will be awarded to the Dirty Dozen with the most points at the end of the year. You do not need to be present to receive your awards if you participated or placed in the series. Awards for winners or finishers not present at the party can be picked up at The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop by locals or shipped to out of state winners.