Wanna be in the ITUS?

The Idaho Trail Ultra Series welcomes requests from Race Directors to have their event become part of the Series. Please contact the Commissioner with information about your race and defend how it fits in with the vision of the ITUS and meets the following criteria:

  1. Is not a first year race (subject to a vote of the BITUS).
  2.  Is a trail race (composed predominantly of trail with minimal paved road).
  3. Contributes $100/race for finisher prizes.
  4. Provides a high quality experience: well organized, informational website, accurately timed, adequately supported with safety precautions and aid stations, well-marked, advertises a reasonably accurate distance, demonstrates professionalism and integrity in dealing with runners and agencies.
  5. Race calendar is determined in November of the prior year, so dates must finalized by that time. Race must be submitted for vote by October 15 to be considered for the calendar the following year.
  6. The addition of races to the Series is based on a vote of the RDs currently in the series (the BITUS; one vote per race). Races can also be removed from the ITUS by a vote of the BITUS.
  7. The race should have a published entry process that is open to the public and produces official results (no invitation-only or fatass races).